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Congratulations! You've found the All-Original, ULTIMATE Scotland Shirt!

Most people search their entire lives without finding a shirt this awesome. However, you aren't most people, are you? You've always known it. Now you have the proof before you, in t-shirt form. Obviously, you've been fated to find this shirt or you've lucked out in a way that defies reason. Regardless, the choice is now before you...

Do you drop some precious coin (a trifling sum) on an incredibly cool shirt that will mark you as a man (or possibly woman) of style, taste, and wealth for years to you pass on the opportunity of a lifetime and continue to scrape by with a rather pedestrian wardrobe?

We both know what you need to do.

The Ultimate Scotland Shirt

This Ultimate Scotland t-shirt is designed and printed in New Scotland, aka Nova Scotia, by a born and raised Nova Scotian. Basically, it's imbued with the power of Scotland and New Scotland, which is a very potent combination (just ask the ancient Romans). It's the perfect shirt to show your Scottish or Nova Scotian pride. But, you don't have to be from Scotland to love this shirt. The Scottish Lion Rampart design makes it perfect for anyone with Scottish links or a love of Bonnie Scotland! Even if you weren't blessed with any Scottish connection whatsoever, it's still damn eye-catching and clever.

You may have noticed a passing resemblance to a certain Super fellow's costume. That is only a coincidence, and the shirt definitely does NOT grant superpowers or stop speeding bullets (our army of lawyers insisted we say that). If you insist on testing your luck against speeding bullets, that's your business. Er, good luck.

This limited-edition*, professionally screenprinted Scotland t-shirt features a cool super crest of the flag on a rich royal blue. It's perfect for letting people know you're a proud Scot or Nova Scotian! You are GUARANTEED (in a non-legal, non-monetary way) to get compliments on this shirt.

* Limited-edition means we do not have an infinite amount of these shirts. That's not to say we won't print as many as necessary to meet demand. Even if demand is high, it's unlikely that we'll sell an infinite amount.

Scotland shirt
This picture will help you to visualize how the shirt will look on you. You may look slightly different from the model pictured.
Scotland t-shirt close
This is a close-up of the design. If you buy the shirt you can put your nose right up to it!

Despite the humorous tone of this webpage, we are dead serious about the shirt. We really do have it and we really will mail it to you in exchange for money. You have to give us the money first, but other than that there's no catch.

The shirts are available in M, L, and XL and are $23.95 USD plus $6 S/H. Would you carry a shirt 2000 miles for $6? Didn't think so. The postal service is a wonderful thing. Let us know if you want kids sizes!

Send money, get shirt

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Exciting Technical Stuff

You've been patient thus far, so here's what you've been dying to know...the all-important technical details of your new t-shirt:

50% Cotton / 50% Polyester blend (oh yeah!)
Seamless collar (Boo-yah!!!)
Taped neck and shoulders (what's this mean?).
Double-stitched sleeve and waist hems (double-stitched 4 life)
Double needle topstitched neckline (uh huh)
Quarter turned body to eliminate the center crease (center crease begone!)
Made in Nicaraugua (the shirt) and Canada (the design and printing)
Shipped worldwide (there's nowhere so dangerous that we won't send the mailman)

Contact Us

Contact us if you have any questions. A real person will read your e-mail, so don't despair. You don't even have to write anything related to the shirt; we are avid readers!

Phone: +1 781 583 1449
Fax: +1 866 756 7065
Mail: Box 73, St. Andrews NS B0H 1X0, Canada

Return Policy

If there are any problems with the Scotland shirt (not bloody likely), we'll set you up with a new one. If you successfully contained your enthusiasm and resisted the temptation to show the shirt about town as soon as you received it, we will (as much as it pains us) return all of your money (less the shipping), in exchange for the unsullied shirt. Oh, you'll have to pay to ship it back (though you may ship it back as cheaply as you wish), as we aren't made of money.

We stand behind our work and will do whatever it takes to make things right if a problem should arise.

Before You Go

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